‪Putting Out The Garbage‬
‪By Maggie Writes ‬
‪December 27, 2017‬

‪After Christmas, when families have unwrapped all the presents, there is usually a big bag of garbage to put in the trashcan. In addition to cleaning house, I decided to cleanse my body. Thinking there is probably a large amount of garbage in my body after ingesting so many holiday treats, I set a goal to ONLY eat healthy foods for a day. ‬

‪I met my goal December 26, 2017. Since it is common for me to eat heathy foods, I already had everything I needed in my kitchen. However, it has been a while since I have eaten only healing foods for an entire day. I did not consume any sugar, bread, dairy, or alcohol. ‬

‪I started my day like normal, coffee with almond creamer, a probiotic, and a Super B Complex vitamin. I enjoyed oatmeal, fresh fruits & vegetables, soup, dried fruit & nuts, green tea with local honey, organic juices, & water. The only meat I ate was eggs and chicken broth. I did some stretches and light exercise in the house, but not my normal run at the gym or trail. By comparison, it was a lazy day. Everything was going good, but by nightfall I noticed my eyes felt dry and my right armpit was itchy for no obvious reason. When I scratched my armpit, it turned into a hive. I wanted to stop the hive from turning into hives, so I asked my significant other to find me a Benadryl. ‬

‪While I took the antihistamine, I told him to check on me from time to time. I joked “I may be allergic to eating heathy!” I showered to remove possible triggers from my skin, then researched what could have triggered it. Some of the food I ate (eggs & nuts) are known as allergens for some people, but I eat them often without issue and do not think that was cause. Pet dander or smells can cause allergies, but I also do not think this was the reason for the itchiness. Being a woman, I considered if a hormonal shift could be the cause, but I do not think that is it either. From what I read, the itchy hive may actually be a sign of healing. ‬

‪According to Primal Life Organics, ‬“You may develop a rash, or itching…This occurs as the toxins are being eliminated by the skin and this is all normal!  One major function of the skin is to eliminate toxins!!!!” Mariel Loveland writes, “A rash is especially common if you’re on a sugar detox and withdrawing…it’s likely because of the cleanse.”

‪When the body cleanses, it releases toxins through the skin. I believe this is what happened. I find it comical that eating healthy can cause negative side effects! For me, cleaning up after the holidays means getting rid of the garbage from the house and my body. ‬



Loveland, Mariel https://www.livestrong.com/article/553069-the-symptom-of-a-rash-during-a-detox-diet/

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