My Field, My Friend

By Maggie Writes

I used to run past this field, often stopping to admire its beauty and take photos of my familiar friend. I feel like I know this field, having watched it blossom. I stood on this field when its grass was as tall as me! I was also there when its keeper mowed the grass into bailed hay. It was like seeing someone you love when they have just gotten a haircut. I saw horses feed on its pasture and beetles living there as home. I watched this field’s grass wither in the winter and sprout in the spring.

Meanwhile, I was doing the same over the years. We both had ups and downs. I often ran and walked to this field while I prayed and thanked God for the ability to do so.

When I go for a run or walk, I often pray. My thoughts and movements are very intentional. My lungs are cleared by deep breathing. My mind and heart are thankful and focused. The exercise is good for me. I feel closer to God.

Spending time with nature is quality time. Sometimes I would go for my runs and walks in the morning, but usually I did so in the evenings. I can remember standing still, in awe of the sunrises and the sunsets. I remember feeling kissed by the sun on my cheeks during the day. I remember thinking sunsets are like kisses on your forehead from God saying goodnight.

It is wonderful to feel connected to the Earth, especially when Mother Nature is so splendid. Next time you run or walk past a field, perhaps you will notice the sun and feel kissed on your cheeks or forehead.



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